Power Plant Consultant, Power Plant Engineering Consultant, Power Plant Solutions, Power Plant Consultant Mumbai
Power Plant Consultant, Power Plant Engineering Consultant, Power Plant Solutions, 
Power Plant Detailed Engineering, Power Plant Consultant Mumbai
Power Plant Consultant,Power Plant Engineering Consultant, Power Plant Solutions, 
Power Plant Detailed Engineering, Solar Energy Consultant, Engineering consultancy, 
Power Plant Consultant Mumbai services
Power Plants: Thermal Power Plants: Solar Industrial, Chemical & Petrochemical
Power Plants: Engineering & Project management
  With its rich experience in design and implementation of various type ( coal, lignite, gas, biomass, renewable, solar ) and sizes ( from 5MW to 500 MW) of Power Plants over the years, Procon is today recognized among leading engineering consultancy firms for the Power Sector. We are proudly associated with some of the largest Public and Private Sector Institutions for Power Plant Engineering.
  Basic Engineering Services
Selection of Power Plant Fuel
Selection of power plant cycle
Heat and Mass Balance for the complete Power Plant
Selection of type and size of power plant equipment
Selection of size and type of Power Plant fuel storage handling system,
Ash handling system for the Power Plant,
Cooling systems for the complete Power plant
Selection of size and type of various auxiliary systems / equipments for the power plant
Conceptualization of power evacuation system and power distribution system
Conceptualization of Instrumentation and controls requirements for the complete Power Plant
Conceptualization of Civil and structural works requirement for the various components of Power Plant
Estimation of project cost and unit generation cost for the Power Plant
Feasibility report for Power plant
Detailed Project Report for various types of Power Plants
  Detailed Engineering Services
Plot Plan and Equipment Layouts for various buildings and areas
Selection and specifications of Power Plant Equipment like
Steam generator and auxiliaries,
Steam turbine Generator and auxiliaries,
Gas turbine generator and auxiliaries,
Gas engine generator and auxiliaries, Diesel Engine generators and auxiliaries etc.
Design and specification of fuel storage and handling system.
Design and specification of Ash handling, storage and handling system.
Design and specifications of water systems, Compressed air system, HVAC system, Misc. material handling system.
Design of P &I Diagrams for Feed water, Steam and condensate system; various water systems, cooling water system; Fuel handling system; Raw water and water treatment systems.
Piping Design and Drawings including piping material specifications, layout drawings, isometrics, stress analysis, bill of materials, pipe supports etc.
Design Specifications for Fire Protection Equipments /Systems.
Design of power evacuation system.
Estimation of auxiliary power (Normal and Emergency).
Design of High Tension and Low Tension Power Distribution system.
Design / Sizing and specification of Electrical Equipments like Transformers,Switchgear ( H.T. & L.T.), Cables, Lighting fittings etc.
Electrical System Study including Relay Co-ordination.
Design and specification of Variable Speed Drives for special applications.
Design and specifications of various service systems like Plant Communication, Fire Alarm and Detection.
Design and specifications of Instrumentation and Control Systems including PLC, SCADA, DCS.
Architectural, Civil and Structural Design including Estimation of quantities for tender document, tender document for civil and structural works, plot development, drawings for statutory approvals and construction drawings for all buildings / areas .
Procurement assistance to client i.e.
Floating the Enquiries to selected Bidders,
Bid Analysis (Technical and Commercial),
Purchase Recommendation,
Preparation of Contract Documents,
Review of Vendor's Drawings etc.
Project Schedules and Cost Estimates.
Hazard and Operatability (HAZOP) Study.
Technical Assistance to meet Statutory Requirements including drawings and documents.
  Inspection and Expediting Services for Power Plants
Review of Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs).
Visiting Vendor's works for inspection and expediting.
Inspection and expediting reports.
  Construction and Commissioning Supervision Services for Power Plants
Complete site supervision and management by deputing competent Project Manger /Construction Manager and supporting staff at site. The responsibilities shall include:
Quality of construction / erection work
Planning and controlling the Construction / Erection work to meet the project schedule.
Reporting to design office the site progress with short falls, if any, and corrective measures.